Saturday, February 25, 2012

Post Script to Wandering in the Wilderness post

One of the dangers of wandering in the wilderness is that I miss the forest for the trees. So much about sacrifices for sins and the need for holiness. Sin is a terrible thing. Especially the sin of unforgiveness, which spits on the Torah's system of forgiveness of sins and ultimately, on the forgiveness of the Cross. "In this area of my life, I wish neither to emulate or receive the forgiveness of God." The heart of man, including this man, is desperately wicked apart from the illumination of the Spirit and the Word. There are people I need to forgive (no one on this distribution). The Father so earnestly desires the uprightness of the Body and unity and love among His children.

Father, forgive your proud servant Guy his unforgiveness. By the grace of your forgiveness, I forgive also.

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