Friday, August 26, 2011

II Cor 12 - Thorns in the Flesh, Visiting Heaven

That braggart Paul goes on and on. He saw heaven. He saw things no man has seen and they were SO COOL he can't tell anyone about it!

Top THAT, Toronto. Beat THAT, Benny Hinn.

I am not moved, or impressed. Maybe I am jealous. But as Paul readily admits he is spiritually showboating. And that's why I love the next part, about the thorn in the flesh. God allows the Devil to painfully pierce Paul. It hurts and it just won't go away and Paul says "PLEASE GOD MAKE IT STOP" and Jesus says:


I need you to stay humble.

My people must know that your power comes from me. Someday, Paul, your body will be gone, a broken vessel whose clay has returned to the earth from which it was made. My people learn to rely on the power and Kingdom that is not of this world.

But my son, my beloved Saul who became "small" for My sake, in imitation of Me - as in all things I have gone before you in suffering, and am with you in the painful present. I have allowed the Devil to pierce you with a single thorn in the flesh, for my Kingdom's sake. My Father allowed Me to be pierced by many thorns, a whole crown of them, and with metal spikes also, for the same purpose. In every pain, in every loneliness, I have been there first. I have suffered thorns and been left alone in the Garden. And I am still there, with my suffering loved ones. YOUR head feels YOUR body's pain. It is any wonder then that I am always interceding?

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