Monday, August 15, 2011

II Cor 5 - Heaven, and Reconciliation, and Love

To live by faith and not by sight (v. 7) is a wonderful thing. To say "yes" to God is to say "yes" to heaven. To a life of love. To being a new creation. To being God's partners in the daily Great Work of Souls, the ministry of reconciliation.

Of course - it's not that easy and simple. There is groaning on this earth such that I long to be clothed with my  heavenly dwelling. Like when I just stink of BO and am streaked with gritty oily grime so bad that I JUST CAN'T WAIT to get into the shower. But oh the joy and relief and happiness when I, it's heaven.

People may think I'm crazy. But I just don't see them from the same worldly point of view. Having been reconciled myself, I help Him as an ambassador to not conquer, but to reconcile this crazy world to Him. Crazy? Depends on your POV. His neighbors thought Noah was crazy, too.

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