Saturday, January 14, 2012

Revelation 16: his judgements really ARE true and just

Yesterday I noted that one day compassion for my neighbors will be superseded by praise for God's justice. And indeed as the seven bowls of judgement are poured out, even I can see that God's judgements really are true and just.

Plague 1 - those who took the Mark of the Beast get painful sores on their body. Self-imposed, rebellious affliction of the body/spirit in the pursuit of short-term gratification leads to, well, more affliction. Isn't that what we tell our kids about drinking and drugs? As my daughter would say, "no duh."

Plagues 2 & 3: waters turn to blood. The angels explains succinctly and fairly: "for they have shed the blood of your saints and prophets, and you have given them blood to drink as they deserve." You want blood? Here - there's plenty and to spare.

Plague 4: Sunburn. Bigtime. Yes, and for how many millenia have sun, etc. worshippers (Ba al, Molech, etc. etc.) been burning innocent people, including children, in their ritual fires? And to this day support the saline abortion "burning" of children in the womb? For years scientists have been predicting a killer solar flare. Beware exchanging the worship of the creator for the worship of created things, which without his restraining hand eventually will mindlessly lash out and destroy. Francis of Assissi, one of those real saints I mentioned a day or two ago, referred to Brother Sun and Sister Moon. Indeed they are fellow creations - not our Creators, as pagans and secular scientists so happily assume, because it solves their "problem" of a non-Darwinian, sentient, moral Creator and Judge.

Plague 5: Darkness. Oops. Something happened to that sun we used to worship. The old days of moderation of light, darkness, warmth and cold are over - it's all or nothing now. Call on Ba-al now, he can't hear you - perhaps he is traveling, or in the bathroom?

Plague 6: Dried up rivers and Community Organizing Demons. What did Jeremiah say metaphorically, Israel has done an awful thing, exchanging the rivers of life for dried up cisterns that hold no water? Well, here is humanity, all gathered and organized at Armegeddon. There may be no water, but they have plenty of false gods and teachings and hopes to suck on. (By the way many of those same scientists have also been predicting catastrophic human upheaval and population decimation due to global water shortages.)

Plague 7: With all of the peoples of the earth so conveniently gathered by their "demon organizers" (a term once actually used in the mid-1980's by the Chair of the Vermont Democratic Party to describe the party faithful), a killer earthquake of unprecedented size destroys their city and gathering place, Babylon. Presumably many die. 1/20th-ton hailstones rain down on men. They curse "what the hail!?" in their rage, but they do not repent.

I should not joke. God takes no pleasure in the death of the godless. Yet He executes - good term, that - justice all the same. And the altar responds: "Yes, Lord God Almighty, true and just are your judgements."

But until that great and terrible day of wrath - Lord use me to spread your truth and by any and all means to save some.

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