Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Revelation 9: locusts, killer angels - where have I heard this story before?

Darkness. Locusts. Plagues. Angels of death. And still the people do not repent.

The Exodus of the Hebrews foreshadows this final exodus of God's people being delivered from bondage by their loving God. So much of history is foreshadowing. No accident (I think) that Hitler and his Jew-hating, occult-loving, seven-year reign of terror resembles the anti-Christ; that Israel is restored as a nation geographically; and that in 1986 a water-poisoning disaster named Wormwood occurs. None of these are the final events prophesied in scripture, but they encourage those with ears to hear that at all times God has not forgotten his promises. Though the world may seemingly spin out of control, a loving hand protects faithful so that like the Philadelphia church they may "hold on".

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