Sunday, January 8, 2012

Still faithful after all these years

About 3200 years ago Moses, angry at the unbelief of Israel and perhaps at the Rock of Israel Himself, struck a rock in anger with his staff. Although water flowed from the rock that day, Moses was not permitted to cross the flowing waters of Jordan. He never entered the Promised Land.

About 2800 years ago Elijah, depressed, bitter, alienated from God and man, cowered in a cave and complained bitterly to God, "All the other prophets are dead, I only am left, and they seek my life! It is enough!"

But God, but God.....Moses' Law becomes the guiding light for Jews, the guiding light of western civilization, and the primer of the Messiah. Elijah leaves no book, but instead is transported bodily into heaven.

About 30 AD, these two men appear side by side Jesus. The three talk about the death of Jesus, just days away. Moses is finally in the Holy Land! Elijah's companions are not some motley prophets, but the Lawgiver and the Messiah.

Fast-forward to some unknown but certain date in the future. Two witnesses - one who calls down fire and the other who calls down plagues - now who might THEY be - are doing what they have always done, with a passion. They are speaking God's truth and fighting the devil! And for as long as God wills it, they are winning. They are untouchable. They are Tim Tebow against the Beast Roethlisberger. And then - death, mutilation of their corpses, and the demonic rejoicing of the deluded fans of the Abyss who are so happy that their team "won" that they give each other presents!

I don't know if these two witnesses are really Elijah and Moses, or just two godly Jews empowered by the Spirit like unto these two mighty men of God. But I wonder, I their bodies are miraculously knit together, and they start to rise to heaven, their successes and struggles bearing witness to the glory of God across the millenia, will Elijah turn to Moses and say, "oooh, you'll LOVE this part of the ride!"

And of course, the best part of the ride is yet to come........for the angel blows the seventh trumpet, and proclaims "the Kingdom of this World is become the Kingdom of our Lord, and of His Christ!"

Just as Time expires - touchdown! We win!

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