Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Jan. 4's Chapter – Matthew 4 – the Great Temptation

Did Satan really think he had a chance in His Ever Lasting Lock-up of convincing Jesus to worship him by offering him lordship over the nations of the earth in all their splendor? I mean, what was the supposedly Supreme Tempter thinking?

Well, it’s just speculation, but here’s my two cents. Satan and Jesus both knew what a terrible hash mankind had made, and would continue to make, of government. The injustice and oppression that delighted Satan saddened and infuriated Jesus, and all the more so because in just a few short years, they would be done in his name. And so like Lord of the Rings' Galadriel and Gandalf and their temptation to seize the Ring, Jesus faced a temptation unknown to the average man: if your motive for seizing power is to make things right, the end will justify the means.

Jesus told him to get lost. Then he walked the road of pain and suffering that led to the creation of an eternal Kingdom of Heaven – one in which love is the only law.


  1. Jesus spoke the WORD. He flung the WORD into each of Satan's attacks.

  2. The Word spoke the Word, and Satan fled. So when we speak the Word's words - well, old Scratch just HATES that. Thanks for the insight, Tammy.