Monday, January 3, 2011

January 3 - Matthew 3 - John may be weird, but what if he's right?

John the Baptist. You’ve seen this guy. He wears funny clothes and stands around preaching way serious about unquenchable fire and The Judgment.

His behavior is annoying, embarrassing, and out-of-place. If he knows, he doesn’t care. He is a prophet.  Right here on our street. Criticize him, turn my back on him, either way he calls me a snake fleeing the wrath to come.

Can he be right?

Why am I the only person on the street taking him seriously?

What seemed like an irrelevant nuisance suddenly strikes me as the one way to avoid certain judgment, for myself and for our nation. My heart is so warm. This man and his God care nothing about my worldly status and everything about my eternal welfare. What shall I do? Then he says:

“Repent – for the kingdom of heaven is near.”

And so I do. My name is Andrew. And my adventure has just begun.

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