Thursday, January 13, 2011

Matthew 10 - From Andrew's Journal: Thoughts Upon Being "Sent Out"

Entry from Andrew’s Journal: I have been sent out

So much has changed since my last entry. Yesterday I awoke as just Andrew, Peter’s quiet little brother. Today I awoke as….as….well,  SAMSON, filled with power to conquer the enemy. I am ELIJAH, healing the sick and raising the dead and preaching to kings. I have seen and done things that weeks ago were inconceivable and yesterday were conceivable only when done by the Master himself. But he sent us out with orders to do these things and WE HAVE DONE THEM. Praise God!

But no, that’s not quite right…or at least it’s not everything.

Yesterday I woke a disciple. Today, I woke an apostle. I went from learning about the kingdom to telling others about it. They truly are the lost sheep of Israel. Some hear the master’s voice, and follow Him. But most just wander around even when they hear the clear teaching and see the healing and deliverance. I am learning from the Master to treat them with gentleness and patience.

But that’s not all, either.

Yesterday I awoke a disciple. Today, I awoke a servant. Once I could just sit and learn. Today, I still sit and learn but I also stand – and kneel – to serve.  I am learning that a servant should never expect better treatment than his master, and that the Master himself expects opposition. Even hatred. That preaching to kings I mentioned above – it will happen after I am arrested. Most of all I am grateful that, no matter what, my name is written in the book of life.

I will learn of the Kingdom. I will teach the Kingdom. And I will work and submit and suffer as a servant of the Master’s Kingdom must. Disciple, Apostle, Servant, and yet still Peter’s little brother Andrew  - this is my calling, and my choice. Praise God.

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