Monday, January 10, 2011

Matthew 8: The man who astonished Jesus

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Hard to imagine an astonished Jesus. This is "The Word Made Flesh" we're talking about. And yet Jesus was "astonished" when a Roman centurion confidently predicted Jesus could heal his servant without even touching him because, frankly, a Roman army officer knew real authority when he saw it.

I don't think Jesus was astonished at the concept of healing faith. What astonished him was hearing it from a Roman.

Like hearing your toddler say, "It's January, let me download Turbotax for you."

Or hearing your teenager say, "Someday I too will be a parent of teenagers; can you give me a few good pointers?"

What you're hearing is wonderful, it's music to your ears. It's a shockingly unexpected sign of good things to come.

There's hope for me yet.

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