Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mark 4: The Power In A Seed

All three synoptic gospels tell the parable of the Sower and the Four Soils, but only Mark tells its counterpart: the parable of the Growing Seed. The first exhorts us to receive God's word as good soil, the second comforts us that Kingdom growth ultimately depends on the supernaturally potent seed of the Gospel.  This power is invisible. It is inexplicable. And it is unstoppable.

I am reminded of the children's song  (click on first line for all words):

Oh I marvel at the wisdom of my God
yes I marvel at the wisdom of my God
when I saw the little lily
pushing up that mighty clod
yes I marvel at the wisdom of my God

By God's grace I must sow seed and be good soil. I am his co-laborer. But the power, power, wonder-working power - that's on Him. At Calvary Roman soldiers snickered at the Jewish rabbi for being seemingly oblivous to how real power works. "He cannot save himself." Almost 20 centuries later we name our children James and John, and our dogs Zeus and Caesar. 

May the seed sown this past week "bear much fruit". 

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