Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mark 8 – when healing doesn’t happen all at once

Only Mark records the healing of the blind man who needed not just one, but two “treatments” by Jesus. Jesus spits on eyes and touches them. Can you see?, Jesus asks. Well, kind of….. “I see men as trees walking,” he answers. Jesus touches his eyes again, and makes the man look up, and suddenly he sees clearly.

The blind man’s response is more than the title of a great but forgotten Johnny Cash song from his January, 1973 “Gospel Road” album. It describes how healing sometimes takes time, even when the healer is Jesus.

The blind man went from blind to “legally blind” to normal. How interesting that Jesus and the “being healed” man stayed engaged with each other. They both talked, they both listened. The man was also blessed with helpful, believing friends. One wonders if they also prayed for him. Certainly they were “in his corner,” the way dozens of friends and family have been in ours.

In our newly configured family, healing has begun. We see light. Are we at the “trees walking” stage? Hmmm. Don’t know. Is the light growing? I believe so.

Yesterday a dear friend sent along some “back story” about a profound spiritual breakthrough Diane experienced in 1996. She recalled what I already knew: Diane had been freed from some awful burdens that had oppressed her spirit for many years. I say this without laying blame on any people, living or dead. I DIDN’T know that this friend had been in deep prayer and fasting for Diane in the days previous to her overcoming. This great breakthrough was achieved by the Holy Spirit co-operating with the prayers and encouragement of many friends. In effect they “brought her to Jesus for healing.”

And the real point of the story is this: what happened 15 years ago was just the beginning. Her spiritual vision grew steadily and really sharpened in the last year of her life. Feb. 4, I believe, she surpassed us all.   

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  1. This comment from our brother Tim Steiner -

    Oh! The marvelous grace of God, his infinite mercy and endless patience. What a mystery that it "took God two tries." How can this be?? Indeed, it must be a test and journey for the one "coming to the light" and not the need to practice by the Omnipotent God! Perhaps, it is the same as the test given to the Samaritan woman (Mk 7) where Jesus almost appears to show ethnic prejudice. But, he only tested her motive and found humility, and then, did the work.

    I am also always amazed at the incident at the Pool of Siloam. It is just SO Roman Catholic--a site to pilgrimage to--a mystical event that only the first one in the water gets--an angel stirring the pool---BUT there it is in Holy, Divine, Inerrant Scripture with no commentary that this is a superstition of the people, nor explanation of how or why it worked,.....BUT, (no "buts"), GOD!

    I am so glad He is with us! Sometimes, I have no other prayer to make than to say "Lord," as it is just so good to know there is Someone There Whom that Title fits.