Friday, February 18, 2011

Mark 9 - The King's Speech

Of the deaf/mute inflicting spirit Jesus said, “this kind comes out only by prayer and fasting.”

Why should this be, Lord? Other demons flee at your command. A legion of them escaped into a herd of pigs. What’s so special about a deaf/mute spirit?

I confess I do not know. Maybe it’s a particularly determined and powerful demon. Words are powerful things, tools of blessing and cursing. Stands to reason Satan would place some of his strongest troops on that particular front line. Or perhaps Jesus routinely relied on prayer and fasting for strength to deliver. Perhaps the Lord’s Prayer, in particular. He knew merely mouthing words of releasing, binding and rebuking would not carry the day.  

I saw “The King’s Speech” today. King George VI stuttered because he was abused by a childhood nurse and because he believed he failed to please his domineering father. The king was “delivered” by a self-educated commoner equipped with compassion and a self-taught, unique ability to divine the root causes of speech impediments. “Healing” required repeated treatments. In his impatience George often doubted, accused and abandoned his healer. But at long last they collaborated on fulfilling his important destiny. The stakes were high. Evil stalked Europe once again. Great Britain and its dominions and colonies needed words of courage from their young king, the embodiment of their unity and the only person who spoke for them all. Only after he overcame his inner “demons” could he cry freedom eloquently and without compromise.

Deliver us from evil, O Word of God, that we may (like you) speak freedom to the captives.

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