Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Colossians 2 - more thoughts on how quickly Jesus became recognized as God

Colossians 2 contains more references to the divinity of Christ. What follows is my response to comments our brother Tim Steiner made about Colossians 1.

When else in human history has this ever happened - Jewish guy (or any kind of guy or gal) speaks and lives the truth as he/she sees it, avoids earthly power like the plague, and then gets deified a decade or two later, to remain so for the rest of recorded history?

It would have to be a miracle, a one-time thing. Stuff like that just doesn't happen, no matter how hard we (those afflicted by the Spirit of PR) might try. 

I mean, think about it. Love him or hate him, it's pretty remarkable how and why it all happened. I think a big but hidden reason is that the human heart is desperate for, was in fact made for, the story of the God becoming man and loving us so much he would take on the form of a servant and show us how to live and then die for us. It is all we could have ever hoped for. Religion is complex but ephemeral. Atheism is thin gruel. The reality is Christ.

Amen Lord Jesus, become ever more real to me and help me make you ever more real to others, unto that Great Day.

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