Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ephesians 6: Household Holiness

Paul devotes a lengthy discourse to the core covenant human relationship (marriage) but has much to say on three other household relationships:

1) Children: obey your parents because 1) it's right and 2) you will live a long and happy life. Paul uses the word "promise" here but I think it's more of a general principle of life: kids, your godly loving parents are your lifeline to the Good Life, don't let go.

2) Fathers, don't exasperate your children. This doesn't mean I can never, ever do the Funky Chicken in their presence, although judging by the comments and facial expressions when I means I must not beat the devil out of them, condemn them, weigh them down with burdens I myself will not carry, and in any way be a paternal stumbling block in their Kingdom travels. I must not withold love, but rather imitate Abba Father and as a dearly loved child, live a life of love.

3) Servants and masters, serve God, both of you. Servants don't be lazy, masters don't be cruel, for both of you are brothers with the Suffering Servant and adopted sons of the Most High.

I could blog for weeks on the Armor of God, but I will just say this: only warriors wear armor. We are at war, whether we know it or not. When the planes were heading towards the Twin Towers, America was at war. We just didn't know it yet. Our intelligence - our awareness, if you will - failed us, and great suffering resulted. Those powers and principalities waiting to see the Church advance united (Ephesians 4) aren't all our friends. So let's close ranks.

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